Who We Are

K7workforce is an integral part of K7 Now LLC and a professional hi-tech staffing company operated by seasoned industry veterans. With more than 20 years of experience in the technology products and services industry, we have completed various technology projects worth millions of dollars. We have worked across various industry verticals and horizontals, providing them with robust and timely software, systems, and other technology solutions.

We understand how important it is for companies to have the right hi-tech talent for their mission-critical projects at the right moment. Through our in-depth knowledge and expertise, we know what it takes to deliver hi-tech consultants who meet your specific needs in a timely manner.

What We Do

As an express IT staffing solutions provider in the industry, we have developed a large pool of hi-tech talent with diverse skill sets. We help businesses of all sizes and types hire top-notch talent for the dynamic needs for their projects. We give you multidimensional hi-tech staffing solutions to accelerate your progress in these challenging times. Moreover, we help companies in their digital evolution to meet the challenges of today through remote staffing solutions which enables them to embrace digitalization and scale their business efficiently.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower organizations of all sizes and types within diverse industries with world-class IT talent by leveraging our extensive network of partners, vendors, industry connections, and contract talent pool. Moreover, we aim to help businesses adapt to digital transformation quickly and seamlessly through our hi-tech staff augmentation solutions.

Our Focus

As a client-focused hi-tech staffing company with extensive experience in the industry, K7workforce focuses on providing businesses with dynamic, scalable, and flexible staffing solutions to facilitate digital transformation for urgent needs.

Our Values

At K7workforce, we uphold values of quality, integrity, equity, diversity, honesty, partnership, accountability, and innovation in all our professional relationships. We adhere to our core values while maintaining mutually beneficial relationships for our clients and candidates.

Our Story

We are a seasoned team of hi-tech veterans who have completed millions of dollars worth technology projects in our past lives. Each of us have 20+ years in the software, systems, and solutions verticals across several industry horizontals. We understand the colossal difference it makes when right consulting hi-tech talents are onboarded to the mission critical project at the apt juncture.


Our painful experience of spending numerous productive hours over perusing reams and reams of resumes, scheduling & conducting multi level interviews, reviewing feedbacks to find a needle in the haystack enabled us to spot the opportunity for express delivery of hi-tech consultants.


We pivoted from our earlier technology solution ventures to focus exclusively on K7workforce express staffing service.

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What Makes Us Different?

Expert Team of Seasoned Professionals

Our expert team of seasoned professionals has been through all the stress and challenges of the recruitment process in the technology sector. They know what it takes to find and hire a top-notch talent according to your position requirements, business and culture. By leveraging our expertise, we give you the best-in-class tech talent that adds outstanding value to your organization.

Commitment to Excellence

We are committed to delivering excellence in our industry and expect the same from our candidates. We ensure that they play a significant role in developing and sustaining a workplace ecosystem that nurtures excellence.

Innovative Solutions

We keep track of the evolving landscape of the hi-tech recruitment industry to bring you the latest and the best talent that aligns with your current and future requirements, company's culture, and goals.

On-site and Remote Recruitment Solutions

The recent digital evolution has forced businesses to adopt remote staffing solutions along with on-site staff. At K7workforce, we have a complete understanding of the prevailing situation and help you connect with top hi-tech talent beyond boundaries.

Hiring Without Risk

Our approach and recruitment model ensures that the talent meets your staffing requirements, and if it doesn't fit, we offer risk-free replacements.

Our primary focus is to provide your business with customer focused dynamic, flexible, and scalable digital staff augmentation solutions for urgent hi-tech consulting talent demands.

Our value proposition is to express deliver hi-tech staffing. We leverage our vast network of vendors, partners, contract talents, & industry connections to express deliver top consulting talents for you.

K7workforce empowers your digital transformation with high powered staff augmentation solutions to lead fast moving companies from pandemic to prosperity.

Our Culture

We embrace a culture of openness, honesty, integrity, ethics, and morality. We are simply passionate about your success!

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Be Passionate

Be Determined

Be Humble

Be Passionate

Be Determined

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